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Our "Garden of forgetfulness" is a farm located in the south of Ecuador, 

in a valley called "the sacred valley of Vilcabamba" at an altitude

of about 5000 ft., home of a population living a long history...

... long because somehow these people used to live more than 100 years old.


Our farm is located on one side of the valley,

it maintains spring climate all year round, surrounded by

green hills during the rainy season, slightly yellowish in summer.


We have created here a garden with all kinds of fruit and local

trees, flowers, an organic vegetable garden, trails for walking through all

the farm, fountains receiving spring waters flowing in the property, a poultry area, different

exercise areas, free horses in the hills, and a hidden creek reserved for ceremonies and rituals.

Our buildings have comfortable bedrooms, a dining room,

store rooms, baths and showers, protected activity areas, an open fireplace,

               a pool and few green areas for rest and outdoor activities... see ACCOMODATION