"Healing by forgetting yourself"


Our approach has been effective with many
illnesses, such as cancers, degenerative diseases,
autoimmune diseases, etc.  


The human being is not capable of understanding the needs of his or her own intelligent cellular universe.  Many of ones traditions, theories, beliefs and habits weigh as heavily on a person as their genetics! It is not all bad, but many of our illnesses are the result of this large and tortuous history. There is often a large gap between what we really need and what we think we need. 

In order to discover our real needs or to cure ourselves of many “illnesses,” whether physical, psychological or otherwise, we must distract ourselves from our “historic inertia” (habits and inheritances).  For this to happen, we must go back to our original nature, feeding our entire being with a primordial nutrition and  eating raw food untouched by flame. This creates a clean slate from which we can allow ourselves to be surprised, overwhelmed and fascinated-allowing our true nature to take over. 


More technically, we carry the body to a phenomenon of "resonance", creating an unsurpassable and momentary physical and cellular condition that permits a change and transformation to occur. (In physics, resonance is a phenomenon that occurs when a vibrating system or external force drives another system to oscillate with greater amplitude. This means it adds energy at just the precise moment, making the amplitude grow larger and larger.


Resonance can cause a catastrophic break in an object and this is what happens little by little due to our habits and unresolved genetic problems. To heal we must go through the same phenomenon, but in the contrary direction, making our cellular system oscillate and resound with an original vibration coming from a first and original feeding source.


In short, our way of being and eating will recreate or substitute new cells that will re-organize the entire body and spirit.


Afterwards, we use Ayahuasca and San Pedro (sacred plant teachers)
to help us finish our healing task.


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