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German Nantipia is a member of the SHUAR ancestral Amazonian community. His medicine and spiritual knowledge comes from his ancestors, parents and master guides. He is an Ayahuasca shaman full of beauty, compassion, solidarity and love.
At one moment on his spiritual journey, his life was illuminated by another shaman that revealed to him the TSENTSAK, what means "Arrow", the power of knowledge and healing of the Shaman. After this he became a UWISHIN or a master healer for the humanity.
He has been invited all over the world carrying his ancestral medicine and sharing his knowledge in ceremonies and retreats inspiring and helping many people.
He practices the NATIMAMU, which is a ritual and healing journey that takes 7 days of drinking plant medicine and connecting with the origins of the spiritual world. (Reserved for 21 Days Retreat)
He and his wife work together to connect humans to the holy spirit of life.

Miguel Castro was born in Concepción, Chile, bringing the wisdom and heritage of the Mapuche people. Arriving in Ecuador in 1986, he began his spiritual journey on the " Camino Rojo" ( Red Road), after being initiated into the Sundance and Vision Quest ceremonies. He also received the blessing to lead Temazcal ceremonies (sweat lodges), in which he continues celebrating today, along with  holding Ayahuasca and Aguacolla (San Pedro cactus) ceremonies.

When Rodrigo Ruilova was 24 years old he got a stomach tumor and was healed  with raw Ayahuasca and plants. He received this treatment from the "Cofanes" ( indians from the deep North-East-Ecuador (Lago Agrio), where he learned to be an "Ayahuasquero" (people that work with Ayahuasca).
He followed his shamanic studies in Colombia and Venezuela and came back finally to follow his healing task in the land he was born, Ecuador.

Besides his knowledge in raw potions, he participates in our team organizing "Florecimientos" (bath flower cleanings) with petals and plants,  "limpiezas" (body energy cleanings) with plants, eggs, essences and "saumerios", "Círculos de fuego" ( fire cleanings).

Rodrigo comes from the Saraguro indigenous community between the cities of Cuenca and Loja. He is the son of a respected "Wiki" Shaman, descendant from a long Bolivian Shamanic tradition (Saraguros were moved by Incas from Bolivia to Ecuador). He leads San Pedro ceremonies and has a great knowledge of Andean mountain spirits. He also conducts very powerful Temazcal ceremonies incorporating sacred plants for deep cleansing and guidance to reach knowledge and wisdom. 

Cesar Quevedo, native Ecuadorian, born in "Loja Province", received his shamanic instruction from the "Taitas" (elder shamans).
His relationship with sacred plant medicines began at a very young age and he realized his strong connection with the shamanic circle around him, a bond he cherishes,  He feels  in sharing the sacred medicine "Aguacolla" (San Pedro) along with other plants of power from the divine "Pachamama", is one of the greatest gifts he can give to his brothers and sisters.
He brings into our shamanic group a youthful energy and a knowledge which has been proven to be  powerful and gentle at the same time.

He told us: "My life is in constant interaction with the Earth, animals and sacred plants that guide my life and my healing  task".