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"I was sick, really sick and I knew that I needed a really different holistic healing center. In the garden of forgetfulness I discovered that the only possibility was to forget myself and discover my real needs, phisically, emotionally and spiritually,.. I discover it traveling to the origin of times, through a special diet, simple games and ceremonies (Ayahuasca and Huachuma)... Now I´m completely healed and with a smile on my face... for me, to have a smile again means a lot!"




"My english is not so good,

Anyway... Our attitude is intelectual, we don´t notice it and we realise some experiences, these become just as our attitude. 
In the Garden of Forgetfulness, connected with a virgin reality, becoming kids, playing  constantly with ourselves, we become maleable and free of ego and thoughts... only at this moment we are ready to be at the same frequency with a shamanic ceremony and we are able to collaborate with creation and other dimensions."




"Unforgetable even if the place is called the Garden of Forgetfulness. It´s impossible to imagine without coming, the alliance between healing by many games proposed to renew an original state of humanity and sacred plants, Ayahuasca and San pedro Cactus is something unbelievable. I had a breast cancer and after two months healing, now I feel not just  healed physically, but in my spirit."   




"In the shamanic ceremony, the first night was magnificent and wonderful but it was the second journey where the learning came. To briefly repeat the experience, I went to a very difficult place of "no exit" and despair and isolation, my body felt horrible and it was easy to beat myself up for putting myself into this situation ( a 65 year old man who should know better!!!!) allowing myself to become so reduced - shame! The words and advice of the healer, helped me gradually work my way through this - prayer, breathing and time. Then I found my heart with my hand and could enjoy the warmth and connection with myself. Then I communed with my father, finding the child's voice -calling him Dad - thanking him and loving him and receiving " 




"In this grand time of human awakening, when ever more people seek higher guidance and truer direction in their lives, the sacred medicines at last long take their place among the many paths that lead to the remembrance of one's true self" 




"I have been blessed to have worked with several "Ayhausqueros" (Ayahuasca shamans) and have had some profound experiences. what i love about their work that truly elevates may connections to their work is your harmonized connection to their work. The two healers are truly committed to living the highest ethical code of the incas from their hearts. this translates beautifully in their icaros, their attentiveness to the clients in the room, as well as the depth of the journeys and experiences that i have had with them. The depth and balance of their ceremonies is why i can solely recommend you to work with my dearest friends and students."