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Why is our garden so unique?

Only with us you will discover a holistic approach which includes:
1- profound shamanic practices and journeys as  in primordial times using
RAW PREPARATIONS of ancestral sacred plants.
2- deep body and spirit detoxification,
3- archaic raw diet,


Our holistic healing approach uses techniques learned from Amazonian tribes who have remained very close to nature in its pure and untouched form. These tribal people first nourished themselves with air, water, freedom and a relaxed and playful attitude. They were also hunters and gatherers, eating only raw food. For these people, Shamans were the intermediaries between the human world and the spirit worlds, completing a sacred and transcendental reality. 


We are perhaps the only ones that have met those tribes and are capable to reproduce their original way of feeding our entire body and spirit.


It is important that before a shamanic experience with raw Ayahuasca and raw Huachuma we enter a deep healing and cell renewal, getting a quiet mind and a smile in our mouth ... 

             ... as in the Shamanic tradition, is the only way to reach your sacred nature without any danger.


Why the Garden?

We work with qualified shamans and recognized by the Ecuadorian State. The preparations that they use are pure, safe and made using the old ways. "Other substances mixed with Ayahuasca vine or San Pedro cactus (Huachuma) could be very dangerous" (that is why our shamans always recommend not to take any unknown mixture).


Our garden retreat is located in the valley of Vilcabamba, one of the three or four sacred valleys in the world, as Hunza valley in Tibet or Guangx Bama in China, locations where people use to live more than a hundred years.


The valley has beautiful spring weather all year long, no humidity, no mosquitoes and by the way, no vaccines needed to come and to enter Ecuador.


- Our farm has modern housing and private, double, twins and triple bed  rooms. We have Internet, telephone, Skype, but we recommend you to use it only when you really need it... you come for something so specific that you shouldn´t waste your staying.


Come over to heal and to meet your holy nature.